Script your Wins

How to script your wins is a thought process that came about when I realized how little I was putting myself out there to the world.  My thirst for knowledge painted me in a different light, and that I was not sharing my valuable skills with others.

Now, I offer value 3 times more often than I ask for help. It’s very important to invest in yourself, but you also must share your strengths to both sustain your confidence, and to help and serve others. 

Mindset is key

As a part of my new mindset, I try to offer value for others as much as possible. I realized in the past, I was spending too much time in a rabbit hole, just mulling over questions, and not enough time taking action. Knowledge without action is just information.

Today, I put a loose plan in place for the week, and determine my points of action (my win or goal) to accomplish for the week or day. When I sit down at my desk, first, I script/write out my goals/wins for that day and as I go through my day, I write what action I took for each of my businesses. I literally keep a list of what action items I accomplished and align it to each of my goals I have set. It keeps me focused and productive, and I’m able to see the wins as I get them done. This is an incredible motivator.

It’s easy to be a “big idea” person, but if you don’t take action, well, you are just a big idea person. The ideas are great, but you have to take the steps to put them into motion. Be known as someone who takes action and gets things done! Take action to convert knowledge from information to wisdom, and pass it along to others. Sharing wisdom, after all, is a great trait of an admired, and successful, entrepreneur.