Success Stories

I am a sex and intimacy coach with a thriving private practice working with committed couples to bring sex and passion into sexless relationships. My coaching practice is full and to create more income I spent a lot of time, energy and money creating and marketing an online course which brings together 10 years of knowledge and experience in helping women overcome low libido. But as clients enrolled in my course, I noticed that participants were not finishing it. Many were dropping off early in the process and not going through all the modules. I knew something was not right, but I had no idea what to do about it. Without Marla, I would have blindly embarked on redoing the course from scratch, which would have been a wasted effort. The disappointment and the feeling of stuckness and powerlessness around not knowing what the issue is was also bringing me down emotionally, causing a lot of worry and spinning in place — and that, again, is energy that I could have poured into optimizing my products or other money-making opportunities. Marla’s perspective as an education expert helped me understand what was missing in my course – which opened my eyes to how to make the course more student-centric rather than content-centric. It was a paradigm shift for me that helped me connect the dots inside of me and act strategically, not just do something blindly. Marla pin-pointed exactly how to align my content, which made my work a lot easier. The whole-picture view Marla highlights helped me get out of the weeds and approach this more strategically. Now, I am being more strategic about the program and feel clear and confident about it and taking action. 
Irene Fehr,Sex &Intimacy Coach

irene fehr

“This structured walk through of my content delivered the focused and easily actionable transformational program that my audience has been looking for from us! Thank you Marla for this clear path to digestible, user friendly results!”
Talmar Anderson, Boss Actions

“I serve leaders and influencers by helping them to increase self-awareness, improve communication skills and unify teams. I wanted to create on-demand courses to allow educators to gain PLU credits while saving them time to learn. I didn’t have the time or bandwidth to know how to begin the project. I had already tried live classes, trading time for money and needed your expertise in the educational arena, attention to detail in laying out the course format and your patience in walking me through the process. Now, I have a finished course, increased income and greater opportunities. I would highly recommend Marla because she is very detailed and thorough, a great teacher and completely made the process attainable.”
Tasha M. Scott
Owner of Maximized Growth, LLC and the founder of Connected Women Win ™.

“You and the Course Optimizer Academy came into my life at the perfect time. I was stuck and overwhelmed. I couldn’t get my ideas out of my head and onto paper. The course, your coaching, and the COA community helped get me over this huge hurdle and now I’ve taken the next step to my first offering. Thank you!
Some of the course highlights for me:
Making sure your transformation statement directly aligns with course modules and follows through on its promises. Seems so obvious now.
The 20 minute learning plan was so helpful to organize & layout my modules.
The evidence of understanding showed me how to measure my course effectiveness and student progress.
The way course mates supported each other, provided constructive feedback, got creative and real during our live learning sessions was refreshing. For most of us, it’s no fun creating a course from scratch alone and this experience elevated my energy, ideas, and knowledge. That’s what made this course stand out from the others, the structured learning along with a combo of group and 1-1 collaboration.
You responsiveness to my questions throughout the course and that right away I felt like I was talking to a friend.
Many thanks and gratitude for you!”

Michelle Berry Michelle’s Plantry 

“A huge shout out to Marla Bainbridge Martinez! You have no idea how much I have gained from the Course Optimizer Academy these past few weeks! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. As I work through the final details of my course I cannot wait to do a final review with you before I go live. I am so happy to have completed COA with you and appreciate your clarity, examples, and learning format. I’m 100% sure that my idea would not have got off the ground without your support and clarity. I so appreciated the small group that allowed me to interact with similar course creators and flush out ideas and concepts, not to mention the ongoing support by you.” Andrew Richard

“The problem you are solving for me, is that my knowledge base is deep and broad. When it comes to sharing it, it is hard for me to know where to begin. When I use the course optimizer guide, I see not only where to begin, but all my goodies that I want to share are sorted into categories, and ranked in importance, and linked by common threads. This empowers me to be able to pull out a story, a worksheet, an essential question or a step to acknowledge my student’s wins as I create my course. Not only do I get over my initial hurdle. But I am able to meet multiple learning styles as I craft my course modules.” Leslie Silver

“Wow! I am so grateful for your time and expertise in optimizing my program. You really helped me see what was good about the program I had developed and gave great specific ideas on what I could improve upon. The real magic came from you explaining why. As an OT, I love, love, love the brain science behind your suggestions. Helping me understand why different components suggested are important in helping my clients learn makes the outcome for my clients so much better. I can’t thank you enough for your help in optimizing my program by helping me teach more effectively and thereby helping my clients have more ease with learning. I definitely recommend your services for other course creators.” Carlyn Neeks Activate Vitality

Working with Marla and Refocused Income couldn’t have come at a better time! Marla’s creativity, energy and knowledge came through on our very first meeting. Her specialty is helping to highlight your skills which can then be transferred into a new income stream. She gets to know you and takes time to understand your goals and helps pave the way to making your dreams a reality. If you have ever tried getting a business up and running on your own, then you know it is not an easy task. Marla is there to help keep you focused and has so many ideas and connections to bring to the table. I would say the biggest change in working alone versus with Marla is the support to keep going. She helps create organized lists and checks in to see how you are doing and how she can help overcome roadblocks. Thanks to Marla, I now have a successful on-line business and love the new income stream”. -Anya Fedorowicz Island Yoga MX May 2020

“I always identified strongly with my job…when I lost it, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else and felt lost, stuck. Marla helped me see the skills I possessed that could be separated from the job identity, and stand alone. She also helped me identify the skills that I loved, enjoyed, and wanted to expand and feature in a new career. Marla’s unique talent helped me see the opportunity in my challenge and helped me to think more broadly about my future. I have successfully created a new career and income stream and could not have been this successful without Marla’s leadership.” Jennifer Kalas