“Wow! I am so grateful for your time and expertise in optimizing my program. You really helped me see what was good about the program I had developed and gave great specific ideas on what I could improve upon. The real magic came from you explaining why. As an OT, I love, love, love the brain science behind your suggestions. Helping me understand why different components suggested are important in helping my clients learn makes the outcome for my clients so much better. I can’t thank you enough for your help in optimizing my program by helping me teach more effectively and thereby helping my clients have more ease with learning. I definitely recommend your services for other course creators.” Carlyn Neeks Activate Vitality https://www.balanceworks.online/

Working with Marla and Refocused Income couldn’t have come at a better time! Marla’s creativity, energy and knowledge came through on our very first meeting. Her specialty is helping to highlight your skills which can then be transferred into a new income stream. She gets to know you and takes time to understand your goals and helps pave the way to making your dreams a reality. If you have ever tried getting a business up and running on your own, then you know it is not an easy task. Marla is there to help keep you focused and has so many ideas and connections to bring to the table. I would say the biggest change in working alone versus with Marla is the support to keep going. She helps create organized lists and checks in to see how you are doing and how she can help overcome roadblocks. Thanks to Marla, I now have a successful on-line business and love the new income stream”. -Anya Fedorowicz Island Yoga MX www.islandyogamx.com May 2020

“I always identified strongly with my job…when I lost it, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else and felt lost, stuck. Marla helped me see the skills I possessed that could be separated from the job identity, and stand alone. She also helped me identify the skills that I loved, enjoyed, and wanted to expand and feature in a new career. Marla’s unique talent helped me see the opportunity in my challenge and helped me to think more broadly about my future. I have successfully created a new career and income stream and could not have been this successful without Marla’s leadership.” Jennifer Kalas